AISI 1065 Carbon steel ball for furniture parts and bicycle

  • AISI 1045 Carbon Steel Ball Manufacturer of Tan Kong Carbon Steel

    Application : Light duty bearing,conveyer belt,bicycle and automobile parts,slide bearing,caster wheels,computer peripheral products,toys,metal milling,hand

  • Hardened 1010 Carbon Steel Balls - Simply Bearings Ltd

    Products 1 - 10 of 10 3mm Diameter Grade 1000 Hardened 1010 Carbon Steel Ball Bearings Carbon Steel Ball bearings made from Carbon AISI 1010 steel.

  • Stainless Steel Balls, Low, High Carbon Steel Ball Manufacturing

    Low, medium, high carbon steel manufacturing company. Steel Balls Low Carbon: AISI 1008~ AISI 1018; Medium Carbon: AISI 1045; High Carbon: AISI 1065~ AISI 1085 Casters, bicycle parts, light-duty bearing, hardware, toy and etc.

  • High Carbon Steel (Through Hardened) - Spheric Trafalgar LTD

    More demanding to produce than case hardened Carbon Steel balls, we use a process that heats the steel Through Hardened High Carbon Steel Balls are used in bicycles, roller skates, shopping AISI 1065-85, EN8-9, C85 Wks 1.1269.

  • Carbon steel balls | Preciball SA

    Diameters: from 1mm - Low carbon steel balls also called case hardened carbon provide substantial savings for applications where Typical applications include: bearings, castors, conveyors, bicycles. Pins & Hammers · Sapphire & Ruby cuts · Glass parts · Thermo set resin AISI 1010/1015, En32, 0,18, 0,40, 0,60.

  • China AISI 1018 Carbon Steel Balls for Sliding Boocks/Toys - China

    China AISI 1018 Carbon Steel Balls for Sliding Boocks/Toys, Find details about China used in applications where there are only moderate loads and slow rotating parts. AISI and mixers in not aggressive environments, welding appliances,furniture wheels, Carbon Steel Ball (AISI 1010 / 1015 / 1045 / 1065) for Bicycles.

  • China (AISI 1010 / 1015 / Q235 / Q195 / 1045 / 1065/) G200 G500

    Carbon Steel Ball, Low Carbon Steel Ball, Q195 Carbon Steel Ball 1045 / 1065/) G200 G500 G1000 Carbon Steel Ball for Bicycles, Roll on Balls with Casting

  • Materials & Design (1980-2015) | Vol 51, Pgs 1-1110, (October 2013

    Solutions significantly worsening the functionality of moving furniture parts were indicated. Abstract; Close research highlights; PDF (1065 K) . Effect of explosive characteristics on the explosive welding of stainless steel to carbon steel in . A life cycle framework to support materials selection for Ecodesign: A case study

  • Download (pdf, 13.65 MB) - European Powder Metallurgy Association

    High cycle four point bending fatigue tests were carried out with samples taken into account for lowering the cost of titanium alloy parts since 1970s [3]. In contrast to traditional PM techniques such as pressing, metal injection moulding (MIM) combines the The impurity levels such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon of.


    The models indicated are only a part of the production range. The Customers can .. Ball burnishing on cooking utensils and furniture components, parts of