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ASIA METAL LIMITED is a professional manufacturer and global exporter specializing in the manufacture and export of metals. Our annual production capacity has exceeded 15,000 tons, most of which are widely used in petrochemical, textile, shipbuilding, construction and precision instrument manufacturing. Our products have passed the iso9001:2000 certification quality system certification, and have been rated AAA enterprise by jiangsu provincial government.

Our Awesome Features

We promise "complete specifications, prompt delivery, high quality and preferential price". The firm support you provide, as well as your higher and higher requirements, provide us with more competitive prices to offer more different quality products. Win-win situation is always our consistent pursuit.

ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate

Our business philosophy is Total Quality Management, from monitoring our own performance to strategic planning and results measurement.

"Hi-tech Enterprise" of Shanghai

company has made patent application of 306 items and 178 of which has been authorized.

"Technology Plan Project Enterprise"of Shanghai Science and Technology

multiple products gain the "International Standard Product Marking Certificate" issued by the National Standard Committee.


Why Choose Us?

①Our stainless steel products have varied choices, such as stainless steel wire, rod, round bar, flat bar, angle bar, channel bar, pipe, plate, sheet and coil made according to the norm and specification in GB, ASTM, JIS, EN, TOCT, KSD, and IS.
②Quick reply of E-mails, all the emails will be replied within 2hours, no later than 8hours.
③Buyer will be kept informed of the order production progress.
④Best delivery and direct shipping line.


Usage of different welding performance requirements also vary. A Class of cutlery on the welding performance is generally not required, even including some pot enterprises. But most products require materials welding performance is good, like second-class tableware, mug, steel pipes, water heaters, drinking fountains and the like.
The vast majority of stainless steel products require good corrosion resistance, like a second class tableware, kitchen utensils, water heaters, drinking fountains, and some products also make foreign businessmen corrosion test: NACL aqueous solution heated to boiling, pour a period of time out solution, wash drying, weigh loss, to determine the degree of corrosion (Note: polishing, because sandpaper or emery cloth containing Fe component will lead to the surface of the test rust).
When the number of atoms of chromium content in the steel of not less than 12.5%, the electrode potential of steel can be mutated by the negative potential to rise to the positive electrode potential. Prevent electrochemical corrosion.
Today's society in the production of stainless steel products generally are polished in this process, only a few products such as water heaters, drinking fountains and other interior does not require polishing. Therefore, this requires a good polishing performance materials. Factors affecting polishing performance of the following main points:

Product Sales Ratio

Stainless Steel Plate/Sheet
40% Complete (success)
Stainless Steel Pipe/Tube
40% Complete (success)
Stainless Steel Coil/Strip
40% Complete (success)
Stainless Steel Bar/Rod
40% Complete (success)

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